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Blog’s aweigh, Shipmate!

Welcome aboard for the maiden voyage of The Artful Sailor’s Blog.

You may have noticed that we run a tight ship and go to great lengths to make your sailing with us a pleasant, informative, entertaining, smooth and inspirational voyage.

Emiliano & Salty Sue

Emiliano & Salty Sue

In this Blog we, Salty Sue and Emiliano, will be offering insights, scuttlebutt, alerts, advisories, stories and dreams. This is a place where we can wax eloquent without the confines of a catalogue, Facebook, or Instagram blurb. We are sailors doing what we do because sailing is our way of life and we are passionate about encouraging and supporting not only fellow sailors but also nurturing sailors of the future.

If we could do it, as you read these words, you’d be greeted by what we call “the smells of tradition:” the smokey aroma of pine tar, earthy odor of hemp and flax and the sweet, honey smell of bee’s wax. Wouldn’t it be fun if you could hit a key and out would come those swoonderful delights!

The Artful Sailor Whole Earth Nautical Supply has been plying the brine of maritime commerce now for going on two years. Already we’ve much in our wake and even more ahead in the way of guidance, goods, tools, classes and events. Take a gander at On the Horizon and The Stitchin’ Times (The Artful Sailor’s Newsletter) on this website. But that only provides you with what’s occurred since the website was established, merely a year ago. For the “full Monty”, cruise on over to The Artful Sailor’s Facebook page and sail back on the timeline.

What would you like to see in The Artful Sailor’s Blog? We want to include photos of your sail, canvas and marlinspike creations along with your stories, suggestions and insights. If ever there was a place for sailors’ scuttlebutt and galley whispers, The Artful Sailor’s Blog is it! To give feedback and/or contribute, please contact us…

Aye, Blog’s aweigh, Shipmates! We’re off to sea.