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What’s the Point?

Alex Moro

Alex Moro

What’s the point? That’s precisely what the fourteen participants assembled at The Artful Sailor for our Cutting Edge Knife and Shear Sharpening Workshop wanted to know of master bladesman, Alex Moro, Port Townsend’s King of Cutlery. More to the point, we all wanted to learn how to get a keen edge.

Knife sharpening is an art. It takes a cool hand, a keen eye and lotsa practice. In three hours of hands-on joy, everyone had their noses to the grindstone, honing their skills on blades of all descriptions and went home with sharper tools and many insights. In addition to that, the whole occasion was just plain fun!

So much fun, in fact, that for the moment all cares and dull thoughts were forgotten, washed away by the congeniality of the group and the tsunami of golden information from The King. You might say that the togetherness of the experience was part of the point, not to mention the degree of independence and self-reliance afforded land and sealubbers alike who learned how to effectively maintain their own tools. Not once was the First Aid Kit deployed!

We were loaded to the gunwales, a full house and had a significant waiting list…ample incentive for us to offer another knife and shear sharpening workshop in the not too distant future. There are so many blades, why knives and scissors? Every Sailors needs a good, sharp knife as well as the ability to cut and work with cloth and cordage. The Artful Sailor carries high quality, easily maintained knives that hold an edge.

Anyone interested in the next Cutting Edge Workshop on Saturday, August 3, 2019; now’s the time to put your oar in and reserve your place at the bench. Til then, be sharp or be dull....and be safe!