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A Stitchin’ Good Time!


You know it had to be good—and it had to be FUN—for people to have traveled clear across the continent in order to sit in a circle and learn traditional hand sewn sail and canvas work skills!

Yesterday, a full crew of Stitchmates came from far and near to attend the Spring Handsewing Skills Workshop at The Artful Sailor and explore the ins and outs of working with needle and palm. Various stitches, roping, worked eyelets, seizings and whippings were incorporated in the making of a sailmaker’s apron out of cotton and flax materials. It was kind of an early “Palm” Sunday; a day of stitching, stories, concentration and laughter as Stitchmates ranging from experienced to never-before were guided through a well-planned sequence of constructional steps by Emiliano Marino and Salty Sue. Despite the plethora of sharp tools, all was safe and serene; not once did we have to break out the first aid kit.

All agreed that their time had been well spent with, as Stitchmate Deb put it, “the informative, enriching and attentive instruction provided by Emiliano and Salty Sue.” Deb was this workshops recipient of our highly coveted Big Ass Bench Hook Award for meritorious accomplishment. Prior to the workshop, she’d never so much as heaved a stitch!

The most experienced Stitchmate in the group was a mountain man re-enactor with a passion for traditional authenticity. Even he learned new and useful techniques as well as acquired tools and pine tar for the tents and tarps of his colonial era re-enactments. Who knows? Perhaps in the Fall, October 12th, Handsewing Skills Workshop we’ll have a wannabe Jack Sparrow or a Mary Read who wants to bring authenticity to their buccaneering. In fact, the majority of this round’s Stitchmates were not sailors, yet they all had use for the skills and a need to be creative with their hands.

There was a wait-list for the Spring workshop; however, some spaces are still open in the Fall. Whether you’re a sealubber or a landlubber you’ll be welcomed aboard. Register online at www.theartfulsailor.com.