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On the Eve of Departure

It's a heart-sinking feeling you get when you pull an oar and hear a loud CRAAAACK! But such was the case with but two days remaining before Team Artful Sailor was planning to set out for Tacoma from Port Townsend to row in the Seventy48 human-powered race.

The loud crack was an oar breaking right where the loom meets the blade and that heart-stopping event occurred over on the other side of Port Townsend Bay at Rat Island, while out on a short training cruise. It was the first time that the oars had been put to the test with everything in place for the long haul: outriggers and boat fully loaded. So, extra weight and more leverage equaled CRAAAACK!

What to do? Would that cook Team Artful Sailor's goose for the race? First problem was to get back to Port Townsend. Speedo Marino was able to sail half way back before the wind completely died and then backed around to the North. Then it was jury-rig time: lash a canoe paddle to the broken oar. Except for the extra weight and wonky rotational imbalance, the splinted wing worked well.

Knowing time must not be wasted to Dr. Riley's Speedo hasted. There at the NW Maritime Center Boat Shop exploratory surgery was performed and Dr. Seth was called in. This doctor has a great renown throughout the state as well as town and when he saw the racer's plight declared that he would fix it right.

After some 13 hours of hackin', hewin', gluein' and more hewin', the broken oar was fixed and the unbroken oar re-enforced in time for two coats of varnish and placement in the launch-ready dory.

Thanks to the Geeze, a spare pair of oars was at hand, but TASWENS's prize oars rowed again!

Words cannot adequately express our gratitude for the timely support and skill of Drs. Seth, Riley and the Geeze. Go Team Artful Sailor!

Dr. Seth

Dr. Seth

Adrienne Robineau