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Salty Sue: The Ship Keeper

Salty Sue here! It has been one busy summer here at The Artful Sailor.

Starting in May, Emiliano left Port Townsend and, once again, started his journey down to Tacoma to participate in the second Seventy/48 human-powered race from Tacoma back to Port Townsend. The preparation for this journey began long before he set off on May 26. There were many hours of planning, organizing and testing, as well as Emiliano, “Speedo Marino,” rowing as much as possible in order to be ready for the rigors of the race. After completion of the Seventy/48 race and shaving nearly 10 hours off his time last year, Speedo completed a 12-day circumnavigation around Kitsap Peninsula, which included a 4-mile portage.

While Speedo was rowin’ up n’ down and round the Sound, I was holdin’ down The Artful Sailor shop. I made sure I was available for ground support, wind, weather and tide reports, and, of course, moral support. During the circumnavigation, I met Emiliano in Belfair to be his chase car during the 4-mile portage to Coulter Creek. With my emergency lights flashing and two very large signs atop my car, I followed along to keep the crazy and impatient drivers from running him off the road! Actually, all went well, and the portage was successfully completed in just over two hours.

Back at The Artful Sailor shop, it was time to start getting ready for the PT Wooden Boat Festival, September 6-8. This is a wonderful time of year for us, and our entire maritime community. A lot of preparation goes into our participation. Many of the items we offer are hand-made, and hand-assembled. I take great pride in the small details. Among the many tasks, there are flax sewing twine bobbins to be wound, bee’s wax cakes to be wrapped, ditty bag kits to be assembled, lanyards to be served and bench hooks to be modified. No wonder this time of year has been referred to as “hair on fire” time around here. We are now only a few short weeks away from the Wooden Boat Festival, and we’ll be ready! More info…

In the midst of festival preparations and music rehearsals, we are also preparing for two upcoming workshops:

  1. Handsewing Skills of the Ditty Bag Apprenticeship on October 12, and…

  2. Pedal & Treadle Sewing Machine Workshop on October 26.

Visit our On The Horizon page for more info on these workshops and other events. It’s also fun to follow us on Instagram.com/theartfulsailor.

Phew! I smell smoke! Oh, that’s just my hair. Gotta get back to work. This is Salty Sue signin’ off!

Adrienne Robineau