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Marino’s Very Own Ditty Bag Apprenticeship Kit

Marino’s Very Own Ditty Bag Apprenticeship Kit


The Artful Sailor, a Whole Earth Nautical Supply, is proud to offer Emiliano Marino’s original Ditty Bag Apprenticeship in a kit. The kit includes, the instructions, all the materials, and several of the tools required to make Marino’s Very Own Ditty Bag as published in Wooden Boat & Small Craft Advisor magazines and The Sailmaker’s Apprentice.

The Ditty Bag Apprenticeship Kit incorporates all the basic sewing and marlinespike techniques needed to make and repair sails by hand. A fun and worthy project for self–reliant sailors an’ handy craftspeople alike. The Ditty Bag Apprenticeship Kit, available in two colors (natural or gold), includes tools and materials of the highest quality, selected  for their functional, natural, eco-friendly and traditional qualities.

You’ll have a bag, tools and skills to do sail and canvaswork plus be proud to say you did it yourself, by hand; your very own ditty bag, a unique work of practical art that looks, feels and smells of maritime tradition.

Ditty Bag Apprenticeship Kit Contents:

  • 1 ball 2-ply flax sewing twine

  • 18 yards tarred marline

  • 6 feet cotton cord

  • 18 feet hemp boltrope

  • 1 square yard 13 oz. cotton cloth (natural or gold)

  • 4 brass round thimble

  • (2) #14 sail needles in a message bottle !

  • Marino’s Very Own Scorpion-Tailed Bench Hook with lanyard

  • 1 cake Marino’s Very Own Sailmaker’s Beeswax

  • Ditty Apprenticeship Instructions

Depending upon availability of tools and materials, price and kit contents may change.

For orders outside of the USA, please contact us.

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