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Salty Sue’s Sailor’s Knives

Salty Sue’s Sailor’s Knives

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Salty Sue says . . . 

“Salty is as salty does; whether it’s eating an apple or cutting line, everyone—especially a sailor—needs a knife. I carry one and use it all the time. Here are two knives that I know to be versatile, dependable, practical and of excellent quality.”

The Artful Sailor’s Logo Jack Knife
A replica of the classic, Case/Buck Yachtsman 315 this knife combines beauty and function in a sheep’s-foot, V-ground blade, locking spike and bone bolsters. Made of high grade, 440, stainless steel, my logo jack knife is retained in pocket or hand by a handsome, hand spliced, tarred hemp lanyard, complete with stout, solid brass, split rings, swivel and boat snap. $85

The Artful Sailor’s Sheath Knife
This is the classic Swedish, Mora, fixed blade knife. A marvel of simplicity and all ‘round practicality at sea or ashore, each knife is fitted with a hand spliced, tarred hemp lanyard complete with rugged, solid brass split ring, boat snap and a salvaged guitar string bail. The sheath is served with tarred hemp marline and finished with a varnished Turk’s head and copper, rose-head boat nail. $95

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