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The Sailmaker’s Apprentice

The Sailmaker’s Apprentice


A guide for the self-reliant sailor.
By Emiliano Marino
Illustrated by Christine Erikson

The Sailmaker’s Apprentice is a beautifully illustrated, comprehensive book about sailmaking, sail repair and maintenance, sail handling and more. The book features the time-honored handwork techniques characteristic of high quality, seaworthy sails.

This world renowned masterpiece has been referred to as “the sailor’s bible” and “a classic work in its time.” It is written with witty, yet wise and philosophical commentary that is as much about living a life of self-reliance and harmony as it is about sailing and making sails.

The Sailmaker’s Apprentice has been used as a reference guide by sailmakers and sailors for more than 22 years.

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Upon request, Emiliano Marino will happily dedicate and autograph your copy of The Sailmaker's Apprentice.  Please advise and contact us when placing your order.

“A clearly illustrated, superb step-by-step guide.” —Cruising World

For orders outside of the USA, please contact us.

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